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How to Fix a Slow Opening Garage Door

If you’ve noticed your garage door isn’t opening as quickly as it once did, there are a few steps you can take before calling a professional.

How Quickly Should a Garage Door Open?

When you’re trying to determine how quickly a garage door should open, you’ll discover there isn’t one fixed answer. That’s because garage doors fall into two broad categories: commercial (or industrial) and residential.

In general, residential garage doors should open at a rate of about seven inches per second, or about 12 to 15 seconds to open all the way. Industrial-grade garage doors can open much faster, which is reflected in their higher price tags.

Steps for Fixing a Slow Garage Door

Even if you’re not the handiest person, you can still do a few things to fix a garage door that opens slowly. The first thing you can try is adjusting your garage door’s speed setting. In some cases, you can find the switch for the speed setting on your door’s opening mechanism. To locate the switch, remove the opening unit’s housing. Many new garage door openers are preset to the lowest possible setting. If that’s the case with your opener, you can adjust the setting simply by using a screwdriver.

If adjusting the speed setting doesn’t increase the speed of your garage door, there’s more to do.

Many garage doors open slowly because they need lubrication. The more you use your garage door, the more wear its pulleys experience, which causes them to lose their lubrication. Your springs will lose their tension as well, resulting in your door opening even slower.

The experts at Ole and Lena’s know the exact product to use to lubricate the track, brackets, and hinges on any kind of garage door. And they can diagnose and fix any issue that’s causing your garage door to open slowly.

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