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The Importance of Calling a Professional for Garage Door Repairs

The Importance of Calling a Professional for Garage Door Repairs

In today’s Do-It-Yourself culture, it’s tempting to think you can handle just about everything around the home without the assistance of a qualified professional. Just dial up a few YouTube videos, make a quick stop at Home Depot and you’re ready to go — right?

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Not so fast. Sometimes, DIYing it can be a good way to be self-sufficient and save a few dollars. Other times, this approach can be costly and even dangerous. When it comes to your garage door, professional garage door repair is almost always the way to go. Here’s why.

The Risk of Injury

When trying to fix a residential garage door, safety is always an issue. Consider this:

A typical garage door can weigh upwards of 400 pounds. A torsion spring is a piece of metal with enough coiled-up energy to move that door open and down like it was a feather. Imagine what the force of either of those parts could do to your hand or another limb if it gets in the way. You would obviously take all necessary safety precautions, but without the proper training and the experience of working on hundreds of garage doors, it’s virtually impossible to completely guarantee your safety.

The Risk of Making the Problem Worse

A YouTube video is no substitute for actual garage door repair training. You may think you’re doing everything right, but you can still make one critical mistake. And if you do, you could create a problem much costlier than the one you were trying to fix.

More importantly, trying to fix your garage door yourself could void any garage door warranty you may have, which could be financially disastrous. Better not take any chances. Call a professional right away and get the job done right for a reasonable price.

Risk of Compromising Your Garage Door

You may think you have done an adequate job fixing your garage door, but you could be mistaken. A garage door that almost closes all the way could look all right, but can actually create some problems. If your door doesn’t come all the way down to the weatherstripping, any insulation you have in your garage door is wasted — and you could be looking at increased heating and cooling costs as heat escapes or enters your home through your broken residential garage door.

Safety is also an issue in these situations, since a gap in your garage door is an invitation for thieves to try to break in. For example, it’s possible to slip a wire under the door to try to hook the emergency release or take advantage of the gap to pry the door open. If you don’t have training in professional garage door repair, you might not even notice that you failed to do the job correctly until it’s too late.

What a Do-It-Yourselfer Can Do

If you’re frustrated as a DIY-er without the opportunity to do what you do with your garage door, there are sensible steps you can take. You can do monthly maintenance on your garage door by lubricating all the parts and clearing any debris from the rollers, the tracks and the areas around the door frame.

This is a safe and simple way to take care of your garage door and minimize repair costs. Still, the time may come when you need to take advantage of a professional’s touch.

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