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The Importance of Having a Balanced Garage Door

The Importance of Having a Balanced Garage Door

Brand new garage doors raise and lower easily, even when not connected to the automatic opener. They are able to do this because they are in perfect balance. A balanced garage door is not only easy to open and close, even when the automatic opener is disengaged, it also places little strain on your garage door, the garage door opener and its many moving parts.

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To make sure your garage door stays in balance and you can avoid residential garage door repair, follow these tips for keeping your garage door in balance — and returning it to balance when needed.

How to Tell When Your Garage Door Is Out of Balance

There are several telltale signs when your garage door is out of balance. First, it may look crooked or slanted when opening or closing, which should be an obvious tell that something is wrong. You may also notice loud noises and creaking when your garage door is opening or closing. Your garage door should open and close lightly and easily, even when disengaged from the opener, and it should remain open or cracked without falling or crashing down. If your garage door is heavy or if it slams to the ground without staying open, you may have a balance problem.

The Consequences of an Imbalanced Garage Door

The main consequence of an imbalanced garage door is the strain it places on the door and its many components. This strain can cause parts to break or fail, and it can even lead to a need for early garage door replacement. In short, you’ll be spending a lot more money and failing to get value out of your investment in a garage door if you leave it imbalanced.

There’s also the safety factor. When your garage door is out of balance, it is also out of control. While there are safety measures in place, an imbalanced garage door can crash down at high speeds onto your car, or worse, onto a loved one.

How to Get Your Balance Back

When your garage door is out of balance, it’s important that you call a professional for assistance. It can be dangerous for you to try to balance a garage door on your own. Our local garage door professionals at Ole and Lena’s are able to work quickly and effectively to return your garage door back to balance and high function.

Choose Ole and Lena’s for Garage Door Service

When you sense your residential garage door safety is in jeopardy because of a lack of balance, call on the team at Ole and Lena’s. We offer licensed technicians who can quickly assess the problems with your garage door. We can provide residential garage door repair and maintenance, as well as garage door replacement service, in Bloomington, Eagan, MN and surrounding communities.

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Your garage door and the safety of those who live in your home is too important to trust to just any service provider. When you need the best in garage door services, trust the knowledge and experience you’ll find at Ole and Lena’s.


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