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How to Size a Garage Door Opener

Having a huge selection is great when you’re shopping for a specific product, but sometimes that selection can feel overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you need. That’s often the case when homeowners search for new garage door openers. There are so many different options and sizes — where does one begin? To help you in your search for a new garage door opener, here’s a rundown of garage door opener sizes.

How Much Horsepower?

When searching for a new garage door opener, you’ll find different horsepower ratings. How much horsepower do you need? Here’s a look:

  • 1/3 HP: This isn’t much horsepower, which is why a 1/3 HP model is best suited for single garage doors that are also light. The more horsepower, the more lifting ability a garage door opener possesses. Anything more than a single, light garage door will require more than a 1/3 HP garage door opener.
  • ½ HP: You’ll get more lift from a ½ HP option. Take advantage of ½ HP garage door openers when you have double doors or carriage style.
  • ¾ HP: When you have far heavier garage doors, like those made of wood, it’s time to consider a ¾ horsepower option. And keep in mind when shopping that lower horsepower options may cost less than higher-rated options, but more horsepower means the garage door opener’s motor doesn’t work as hard — which means less wear and tear and a longer usable life.
  • 1+ HP: Chances are you don’t need anything beyond a ¾ HP garage door opener at your home. A motor 1 HP or greater is reserved for when you’re needing an opener for commercial or heavy-duty garage doors.

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