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Belt Drive Garage Door Openers vs. Chain Drive

When shopping for a new garage door, it is common to focus mostly on the style. While the look of your new garage door is essential, it’s also important to consider other features of your new garage door system.

All garage doors have the same fundamental mechanisms, but different types of openers that lift and lower the actual door. Below, we’ll discuss the three main differences between belt drive vs. chain drive garage door openers.

1. Cost

Different garage door features come at varying price points. When looking at the price of a chain drive garage door opener and a belt drive, the chain drive is the more common and less expensive option. The materials for a chain drive are similar to those on a bike chain and simpler to make than a belt drive.

Even though the belt drive is more expensive, the difference in cost may be worth it if you are interested in eliminating noise.

2. Noise

Another difference between a chain drive and belt drive opener is noise.

A belt drive is made from different layers of materials that create some noise cancellation. If you have an attached garage, this feature can be a tremendous asset to your home. If someone leaves the house early in the morning or comes back later at night, they won’t disturb other people in the home when they open and close the garage door.

The chain drive doesn’t have those extra layers, creating more noise than a belt drive. However, if you have a detached garage, that extra noise may not be an issue.

3. Strength

The final key difference between chain drives and belt drives is the strength of each type. If you need a single-door garage opener, both the chain drive garage door opener and the belt drive opener will get the job done. But, if you need a double-door opener or choose a heavier single door, you should look for an opener with more strength.

The chain garage door opener is stronger than the belt drive opener. A belt drive can be used with heavier jobs, but it may struggle and can break from the stress. Chain drive openers won’t have trouble lifting heavier doors, making them safer, too.

Choosing the Right Opener

For homeowners who have an attached garage with a bedroom or living space touching the garage, the belt drive’s noise cancellation may be the better pick. But, for the homeowner with a detached garage and a more limited budget, the chain drive opener would be the better option.

While you’re shopping for your new garage door, be sure to learn about every feature available. Considering all of the different factors of your new garage door, including the type of opener, will help you pick the perfect garage door for your home.

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