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Residential Modern Steel Garage Doors

Residential Modern Steel Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a new garage door for your home, the first question you will probably want to answer is which style of garage door to buy. For many, a modern garage door is the answer. If you have a modern-style home, you want a garage door to complement your home’s exterior for a complete, unifying look.

Avante aluminum glass

Modern steel garage doors are typically characterized by steel construction and glass or acrylic panels, are on-trend, and can increase the curb appeal of your home.

What Are Modern Garage Doors Made Of?

There are a number of steel options that can make up a garage door, but many of today’s modern garage doors are made of aluminum frames with tempered glass panels.

Aluminum is popular because it’s low-maintenance and affordable, while still giving you the durability of a steel frame. You can also opt for insulated glass.

Modern Insulated Garage Doors and R-Value

If you choose insulated glass, you will want to pay attention to the door’s R-Value. The R-Value is a measure of how effective a material is at blocking heat or cold transfer. The higher the R-Value, the better an insulator your garage door is.

Insulated garage doors can help save you on energy costs by preventing hot air from escaping or entering your home, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Modern Insulated Garage Doors and Clear Glass

One of the most captivating features of residential modern steel garage doors is glass panels. You have a number of options when it comes to your modern garage door glass panels, including clear glass, frosted glass, and mirrored glass.

More and more homeowners today are choosing the clear glass option. Why? For one, clear glass creates an airy feel — you generally get the sensation of more space, which people often appreciate. Clear glass also lets your garage get the maximum benefit from natural light. If you enjoy working in your garage, being able to do so with enriching and energizing natural light can be a huge benefit.

Entering your garage in the morning and being greeted by the bright morning sun is also something you may find more desirable than stumbling into a dark, closed-in garage. The glow of the setting sun from behind as you come home and close your garage door for the evening can create a feeling of warmth you will appreciate.

Choose Modern Steel Garage Doors With the AVANTE™ COLLECTION From Clopay®

If you are seeking a beautiful new modern steel garage door, Ole and Lena’s Garage Doors offers a wide selection of durable, great-looking Clopay® doors. Clopay®, known as “America’s Favorite Garage Door,” are the established standard in garage door quality, and their modern steel garage doors are second to none.

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AVANTE™ COLLECTION doors are made from low-maintenance, commercial-grade aluminum available in a variety of finishes, including White, Brown, Clear, Bronze or Black Anodized and Ultra-Grain® Light Cherry or Dark Cherry. You can choose from a number of glass styles, including clear glass and acrylic, and high R-Value insulated glass is also an option.

AVANTE™ doors also come with integral reinforcement for extra strength, heavy-duty steel ball bearing rollers with nylon for extra-quiet operation and a vinyl bottom weather-seal in a rust-free aluminum retainer to protect your garage from the elements.

These garage doors look great and are built to last, so you can expect to enjoy years of seamless operation with minimal effort on your part. Don’t forget to take a look at our line of LiftMaster™ garage door openers, for high-tech, nearly effortless garage door operation to go with your new, modern Clopay® garage door.

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If you’re ready to completely reshape the exterior of your home, delight your family and impress your neighbors with a brand new modern steel Clopay® garage door, we at Ole and Lena’s Garage Doors are ready to serve you. Whether you’re interested in an AVANTE™ COLLECTION door or one of the other amazing Clopay® garage door styles available, we have plenty of inventory and can match you up with the perfect door.

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