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Why You Should Invest in Full-Vision Doors

If you think closing a door is the equivalent of shutting out the outside world, you’d be wrong. Full-vision doors provide a modernistic view while allowing individuals inside a glimpse of the outside world. These doors are perfect for the homeowner desiring an extra shred of sunlight during the day.

Avante Lights Clopay

At Ole and Lena’s Garage Doors, we offer doors in a variety of styles, designs, construction, and colors to meet every individual’s checklist of needs.

Increase Natural Light in Your Home or Business

Just because the beautiful weather is outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sun light inside. Full-vision residential garage doors increase the amount of natural light shining into your garage. While it’s easy to flip on a switch or turn on a lamp, making use of natural light provides a warmer glow to your interior’s surroundings. You’ll never have to worry about dull or lackluster surroundings as natural light increases the level of energy and warmth. The Avante Collection of garage doors from Clopay provides the perfect combination of modernizing your home and bringing more sunlight into your garage. When the sun sets and night emerges, your full-vision doors will emit a warm, welcoming glow from the light within instead.

Enjoy Open Scenic Vision

Being indoors shouldn’t shut you out from enjoying a nice view. Whether you often find yourself working on your cars or doing hobbies in your garage, clear garage doors for your home allow you the ability to enjoy a scenic view without having to step foot outside.

While you may enjoy a view of the world outside, you likely also wish to maintain your privacy. Choose from a variety of design options to obscure an internal view into your garage while still being able to catch a glimpse outside. Bystanders won’t be able to peer inside, but you’ll still be able to monitor the external world with clear vision.

Modern Look

If you want to transform the aesthetics of your home’s exterior for the better, full-vision doors provide you with a much-needed added visual appeal. Whether your home is Victorian or ranch-style, any residency can emit an aura of modernistic style. Our contemporary aluminum and glass garage doors are the perfect fit for any homeowner desiring a step toward style.

Clopay Avante aluminum and glass garage doors

Throughout the day, your full-vision doors will project a sense of warmth from the light shining inside. If you’ve passed by a home with a beautiful array of light and welcoming vibes, chances are that house had a stunning display of full-vision doors installed. Don’t admire the beauty of other homes from afar — invest in your own quality set of aesthetically appealing garage doors instead.

Steel and Aluminum Options

While glass may be the default choice for many, that doesn’t mean it’s the only option available. You want your doors to be appealing and perform at a high level. Ole and Lena’s provides a wide array of design options to best suit your needs.

Both steel and aluminum complement the polished look already emitted by your home. The two options are also reminiscent of a contemporary style, projecting a modernistic look during use. While aesthetically pleasing, nothing beats out the strength and endurance of materials such as aluminum and steel. These options allow you protection against outside elements while preserving the ability for a clear view confined to those inside.

Shop the Avante Collection for Quality Full-Vision Doors

At Ole and Lena’s Garage Doors, we want you to invest in doors that provide incomparable value with outstanding production.

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