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Understanding Garage Door Cycles

Understanding Garage Door Cycles

Garage doors only have so much life in them. Even the most powerful and durable of garage door models will give out in time. The lifespan of a garage door is often measured in cycles — with one cycle being the equivalent of opening and closing the door one time.


When you get home from the grocery store, raise the garage door to get in, then close it when you’re done, that’s just one cycle.

The Importance of Garage Door Springs

Your garage door includes a number of vital components, but none are more important than garage door springs. Your garage door springs are under massive amounts of tension, so they must be tough, but that tension is what makes a garage door raise and lower easily and dependably.

How long will your garage door springs last? About 20,000 cycles is the going rate. If you have premium springs, you might get a few more cycles. If you have discount springs, you might get less. For reference, if you open and close your garage door about two times a day, your springs should last about 14 years.

Extend Your Garage Door’s Lifespan With Maintenance

Of course, there’s a way you can game the system and make sure your garage door and its springs reach their maximum potential lifespans — preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is the only way to put off garage door spring repair as long as possible. When you keep up with regular maintenance, you’re easing the daily burden on your springs and your garage door, and you’re even identifying possible trouble spots before the garage door springs need replacement.

How Often to Schedule Maintenance

To keep your garage door and its springs in tip-top condition, ensure that you are keeping up with a maintenance plan at least two to four times per year. For example, you could examine your garage door once as winter turns to spring and then again as summer turns to fall.

These changings of the seasons are times when your garage door is particularly vulnerable. Frozen precipitation is melting, or liquid precipitation is freezing. The temperature is changing, which can cause your garage door components to expand and contract. These two times of year are ideal for having an expert come out and take a look at your garage door.

Get Expert Support for Your Garage Door

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