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What to Do When Your Garage Door Opener Won’t Work

What To Do When Your Garage Door Opener Won’t Work

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When you press the button that should signal the opening of your garage door, the last thing you want to see is your sealed door — closed shut and remaining in place. While remote controls are useful compact devices that make our lives easier, you may find yourself one day wondering why your trusted little opener isn’t operating properly. Luckily, the solution to malfunctioning remotes is often simple and requires fast and easy repair options that won’t break your budget or waste unnecessary time. Take a look at our list of four simple solutions you can perform when your garage door opener stops working:

Check the Batteries

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as a battery replacement. Batteries are a necessary component of ensuring your remote works efficiently and effectively. Remove the battery cover of your remote and carefully inspect your current set of batteries. If you notice any dirt, dampness or overall wear inside your battery case, you may have found the source of your problem. Unclean battery cases prevent batteries from functioning fully, keeping them from reaching the electric circuit inside. Use a cloth to clean the interior fully while replacing any batteries that have lost their charge over time.

Find a Solution to Power Outages

When a power outage strikes, any source requiring the use of electricity is temporarily restricted — including your garage door. Whether a snowstorm struck your city or your neighborhood’s power lines are currently down, power outages temporarily disrupt your everyday appliances from functioning. During a power outage, you may have to resort to manually opening and closing your garage door if entry and exit is imperative. Once the power in your home is restored, you have to ensure the proper reconnection.

Once your electricity is up and functioning again, fully close your garage door to ensure reconnection to the opener. Next, click the button on your remote signaling the opening of your door. Repeat these steps by closing your door again to realign the garage door’s arm.

Replace Your Remote

As with most appliances, your remote has a shelf life. If your remote has reached the end of its use, it may be time for a replacement. When the electric circuit inside your remote is altered in any way, your remote cannot function properly. If you’ve already checked your batteries and inspected your power sources, it may be time to look toward your remote as the source of the issue.

If your remote is shattered, broken or corroded on the inside, a replacement is both ideal and necessary. When the time comes to replace your remote, make sure to invest in the proper fit that will operate with your current system. Consider investing in two remotes in case one becomes misplaced or broken in the future.

Inspect the Surrounding Area

If your garage door won’t open with the ease of your remote, you may find yourself facing an unplugged motor unit. Inspect your surrounding area to ensure every component of your garage system is fully in place. When your garage’s power source isn’t fully plugged into the socket, it may prevent your garage door from functioning with ease. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as plugging in any unplugged cords fully back into their sockets.

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Getting your garage door up and functioning again doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether your remote is broken or you need a change of batteries, solutions are often simple and easy. If your garage door fails to function after exhausting all other options, it may be time to contact a professional. At Ole and Lena’s, we offer expert service in exactly the area you need. Contact us today to for all of your door service needs.


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