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How To Choose The Best Color For Your Home’s Garage Door

Selecting the right garage door color can be a fun way to change the appearance of your property. With all the colors and designs available, it may be difficult to know what will look best.

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In this garage door color guide, we’ve outlined why choosing the right color for your garage door really does matter. We’ve also covered the design elements of the most popular colors and tips to guide your decision.

Why Your Garage Door Color Matters

When you’re selecting the right garage door color, you should focus on matching the color scheme and style of your house. A mismatched door will throw off the look of your home. A garage door color is also a chance to add your personal statement to your home. If you ever sell your home or want it to appear attractive for guests and passersby, keep in mind that the right color can greatly improve curb appeal.

Popular Garage Door Colors

There’s a reason you may see the same garage door colors everywhere. There are many classic options to go with:

  • White is the most popular garage door color. It’s clean and complements and balances out the home design.
  • Light gray has the brightness of white but is softer. Whereas a white door is often the focal point, a light gray door may blend into the house.
  • Dark grey and black doors are trendy and unique. These colors are also best at hiding marks and dents but can look too intense with certain home aesthetics.
  • Brown is a warm, inviting color that gives off the appearance of a wooden door. Walnut is the best brown shade for garage doors.
  • Beige or taupe is similar in design to light gray because it’s a neutral color that blends into the house aesthetic. This color looks best with brick and stone homes.

Tips for Choosing a Color

Keep the following tips in mind when you’re selecting a garage door color:

  • Don’t match your front door: Your front door should be the main feature on the outside of your home, not your garage door. When the garage and front doors are the same color, your home will lack a visual interest point. Instead, match the color to the house or window trim. This setup can help the garage door blend into your home and make it look bigger.
  • Don’t pick a vibrant color: If you’ve chosen a bold color for the front door and use the same shade for the garage door, it can give your house an overwhelming appearance. The garage door color should blend with and complement your house colors.
  • Consider the style of your home: The style of your garage door should coordinate with the style of your house. Certain garage door materials look best with particular colors. For example, a modern home may look interesting with an aluminum door, and a classic house will pair well with wood color.

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